February 3, 2016


Go4Recycling´s core message is sustainability – and it is not just an expression without meaning for us. Every day we try to move ourselves, our customers and our partners closer to it – inch by inch.

Our personal idea of sustainability has various aspects that can be grouped in 3 areas:

  • Sustainable and proven structure of the company itself
  • Sustainable and efficient business behavior
  • Social aspects

Therfore we integrated these pillars in our own business modell to complete our service portfolio.

Certification / individual optimization possibilities / social projects

Certification is an important part within the regulatory framework of DIN ISO obligations European and even worldwide. According to these regulations companies and their business behavior can be testified and checked by neutral auditors. Due to this fact business models as well as business behaviors become transparent and comparable and as a result wrong business decisions can be identified and corrected – which means lesser efforts and costs and an improving efficiency. That is why an increasing number of companies start integrating various environmental aspects into their regular business plans – such as creating separate sustainability reports. DIN ISO norms and regulations such as 14001 (environmental management) and 50001 (energy management) can contribute a lot to sustainable business behavior. In addition to that producers of electronical end electrical equipment have to make sure that they comply with various other standards (e.g. CE-conformity, RoHS and REACH). GO4RECYCLING and its partners offer a wide variety of certifications and audits – if you are interested simply contact us.

In addition to the international compliance services for our clients´ products Go4Recycling also offers an in-depth analysis of your environmental and recycling management in total. This includes assistance in the field of packaging and product design as well as recycling and waste related issues such as classification and avoidance of waste and material streams and last but not least the choice of sustainable recycling partners and waste disposal companies. All this may not only improve your sustainability but may also lead to a substantial cost reduction.

Social projects
The massive stream of refugees currently coming from states like Syria remind especially the Europeans right now of the sad and catastrophic truth in a lot of countries worldwide: wealth is unevenly shared and a lot of people (especially children) don´t have a real chance to live a happy life. That is why Go4Recycling donates up to 1% of each client turnover to special organizations and projects – to help humans and nature in a sustainable way.

Feel free to contact us.