February 3, 2016

WEEE/Waste of electrical & electronic equipment international

WEEE: Take-back and recycling obligations for electrical and electronic equipment

There are many different recycling laws and take-back obligations for WEEE (Waste of electrical and electronic equipment) throughout the world.

The most common (and probably best known) directive is the EU directive 2002/96/EG for WEEE. The intention behind it was to implement the thoughts of avoiding, reducing and sustainable recycling of these waste streams. It also serves as role model for different non-European countries who transposed parts of it into their national legislations.

In 2012 the EU WEEE directive has been revised and a new recast (WEEE2) has been put in place and has been adopted individually in almost every EU member state now. It tightens the existing liabilities of producers, (online) sellers and distributors

It means that a company which sells products European-wide has to consider up to 30 different WEEE regulations (EU 28 + Norway and Switzerland). Liabilities also differ and depend on different factors like sales structure, product category, weight and volumes of the devices

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